Friday, May 31

random annd short updates

Hi! are you guys still remember me? I really sorry for the lazy posting since I had been 'breathing' in my second semester at collage. (I'm not sure to you guys, who read this post, care about this apologize). But, I wanna tell you that I was really busy at that time. really busy. really means "sure! please believe me!" then busy means "12 hours got a sleep per day". ha ha ha. no, I just kidding. Studio task, individual taks, and many task were killing me softly at that time. and now.. you know what? time goes so fast!! this is my last year in collage (amin, but it's a must!)I have been taking my last semester with one mission in the end of the collage activity. that is TUGAS AKHIR!!!aaaaakh when I mentioned that word, I just wanna work that out! okay goodbye now.

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